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Welcome to our community!

Fairwinds is a growing neighbourhood located in west Ottawa, bordering the two communities of Kanata and Stittsville near Canadian Tire Centre. The mission of the Fairwinds Community Association (FCA) is to be an advocate for residents on significant issues and organize events and activities that maintain and improve the great quality of life that we… Read More »

Opening on our board of directors!

We have an opening on our board of directors for one of our directors-at-large positions.  If you’re interested in volunteering or would like more information please email info@fairwindscommunity.com   We meet once a month and are involved in a number of projects to improve our community, including special events, safety, skating rink, development, etc.  This is… Read More »

Recap: What we learned about dog parks

At the FCA monthly meeting on Monday night, two City of Ottawa officials from the bylaw and parks departments answered questions from residents about dog parks.  About a dozen residents attended the meeting and got a good overview of how dog park designation works.  I thought it was an informative and balanced discussion about the options… Read More »

LETTER: Arcadia resident on Huntmar Bridge pedestrian safety

Here’s a note we received from an Arcadia resident about a letter the Fairwinds Community Association wrote regarding pedestrian safety and the Huntmar Bridge. Arcadia is the Minto neighbourhood across the street from Tanger Outlets, north of the Queensway. (We’re publishing the letter anonymously at the request of the writer.) I am a resident of the Kanata… Read More »

Learn about dog parks at our next FCA monthly meeting – Monday, July 13

UPDATE – JULY 13: Thanks to all our neighbours who attended the meeting. We’ll post some notes later this week to FairwindsCommunity.com *** Our next Fairwinds Community Association board meeting will be on Monday, July 13 from 7:30pm-9:00pm at the Stittsville Sobeys (Hazeldean @ Carp Road) in the community kitchen. As part of the agenda… Read More »

Huntmar/Maple Grove traffic light work expected to start this week

Update from Shad Qadri re: traffic lights at Huntmar and Maple Grove: The contractor is expected to begin work on installation of the underground traffic plant equipment this week.  This is expected to take approximately  2 weeks to complete.   City crews, at that time, will then complete installation of signal hardware poles, displays and detection… Read More »

Update re: blasting in Fairwinds West

An update from Shad Qadri re: blasting in Fairwinds West: There will be no more blasting rock in our Fairwinds West community; however, there has been some hoe-ramming of the rock as we are preparing the area for basements to be poured. Currently they are hoe-ramming in the areas surrounding Palmeto Court and Eucalyptus Circle,… Read More »

Here’s what’s happening with the stormwater management ponds

We’ve had a few inquiries from neighbours about the stormwater management ponds in Fairwinds.  There’s one on the south side of Maple Grove, and another next to Brigatine. We asked city councillor Shad Qadri to provide an update. Here’s his email response: “A new stormwater management pond, including a new outlet to the Carp River,… Read More »

Council approves zoning amendment for 180 Huntmar

City Council has approved a zoning amendment for 180 Huntmar, just north of Fairwinds: “Zoning By-law Amendment: To establish a private school intially on private services and later to connect to municipal services when they are available and as Phase 2 of site development a building accommodating a medical facility.” There’s also a Site Plan Control… Read More »

Open letter re: proposed Carp Road Landfill expansion

Several community associations in Stittsville and West Carleton have written a joint letter to the Mayor and City Council outlining outstanding concerns about Waste Management’s proposed Carp Road Landfill expansion. Concerns include: Landfill odours Groundwater/surface water contamination Property value protection Traffic Community compensation Litter & visual impact You can read the letter here: Open letter to… Read More »