Agenda for the Fairwinds Community Association meeting on March 13

The next meeting of the Fairwinds Community Association is on Wednesday, March 13 at 7:30pm at the Stittsville Sobeys (6315 Hazeldean Road at Carp Road), in the upstairs community room.

Here’s the agenda for this meeting. (Also attached to this post as a PDF file.)

7:30pm: Introduction and review of Constitution and By-laws – Ayah Stretch

7:40pm: Discussion of Winter Carnival success – Ayah Stretch

7:50: Thanking the Bandmaster Rink operator – Katie Young


Discussion of Issues:

7:55pm: Voting on Scott Brown’s title: Director of City Issues, Director of Health and Safety, or Director of Community Concerns?

8:00pm: Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday

8:10pm: Complaints from residents in both North and South Fairwinds (Etesian Street and Brigatine Avenue) re failures to pick-up after dogs and disposal of waste

8:20: Issues in Fairwinds South:

  • Strangers casing houses for break-ins and thefts from vehicles
  • illegal substances and impaired driving
  • Speed bumps, especially near Brigatine Park
  • Water connection for hockey rink in Brigatine Park?
  • Poole Creek Bridge and Brigatine Park completion estimations

8:35pm: Participating in “Cleaning the Capital 2013” – Registration begins March 15

8:45pm: Holding a Community Garage Sale

8:55pm: Report re the March 6 meeting about a Public High School for Stittsville and signing the petition

9:00pm: Conclusion of meeting