All City Outdoor Rinks Closed

As per the email sent from the City of Ottawa, Bandmaster and all other outdoor rinks are closed until further notice.

From: Seasonal Recreation
Sent: January-11-13 3:48 PM
Subject: Ottawa ODR Update for Jan 11

Dear 2012-2013 Rink Operators,

Due to the ongoing warm spell the City of Ottawa has issued a public notice that all rinks are closed until further notice to prevent public injury and critical damage to ice surfaces.  Rinks will be officially re-opened once temperatures return to a seasonal normal.  Please use the time in between to initiate any repairs required to ensure your surfaces are skateable once the skating ban is lifted.  Any signage indicating ‘rink is closed’ should be posted to alert the public.  It is my understanding that the webmaster will update the site to indicate the closure of all rinks.

Once your ice is ready for skaters or you are having difficulty accomplishing this, please contact your PC or the Seasonal Rec front desk to advise so that we have current information to share with the public.

As always, thank you for your Herculean efforts in making Ottawa a premier city,

Your 2012-2013 Seasonal Rec team