Results from public high school survey released

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Parents who are part of the Stittsville Public High School Now group presented the results of their survey at a school board meeting on Tuesday.  A large group of Stittsville parents attended the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Among the highlights released by the group:

  • Almost 22% of respondents have already switched their child(ren) from public to Catholic schools
  • 56% will attend Sacred Heart if no public high school exists when they need to choose even though 80% of the respondents are in the public system today
  • 58% (1,078) strongly agree/agree that they have considered switching school boards due to no public HS
  • Over 50% (936) strongly agree/agree they feel they had/will have no choice but to switch to Catholic board due to proximity
  • 73% (1,248) say their child(ren) will attend a public high school in Stittsville if a new one exists when they need on
  • Almost 28% strongly agree/agree they considered moving out of Stittsville to be closer to public high school
  • Over 85% (1,414) say that “Proximity to Home” is somewhat or very important in selecting a high school
  • Over 79% (1,308) say that having a “Community Hub” within a new school infrastructure is somewhat important or very important in selecting a high school90