School board meeting on Sept. 17 re: a high school for Stittsville

(This update is copied from the Stittsville OCDSB High School Facebook page.)

A few parents have been meeting to develop a presentation to the Board of Trustees. Over the next two months the Board will be making recommendations to the province on their capital priorities. The Board of Trustees will start discussions on their capital priorities on the 17th of September. We will be making a formal request to have a “delegation” present at this meeting. If approved, we will have 4 minutes to make our presentation. Only one person can present and then there will be time for 3 questions from the Board. We think the more people who are there from Stittsville the better – it will show the great deal of interest and support there is for this.

o REQUEST: please come in-person to the Board meeting on September 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the OCDSB offices at 133 Greenbank Road – the Boardroom. We feel that we need to show the Board how much support there is among Stittsville residence for a public high school. Please indicate if you are planning to attend. The next few months will be critical and the more people who show up the more serious they will take it. The link to the session is below.