Traffic lights coming to Huntmar & Maple Grove by end of June

At our monthly Fairwinds Community Association, Shad Qadri told us that traffic lights are coming to Huntmar & Maple Grove by the end of June.  They were approved in this year’s city budget.

Also, in a response to a post about the intersection on Facebook, he wrote:

Funding was approved in the City’s budget for this year and City staff have advised it is anticipated the signal for this intersection will be operating this summer. A roundabout was considered for this location but staff identified that roundabout at this location was not be feasible due to lack of available property on the diagonal between the southeast and northwest corners which would make the provision of a roundabout at this intersection very difficult. If you witness drivers not obey the traffic rules please report this to the Police at 613-236-1222x 7300.”

Other updates form the meeting:

  • The annual community clean-up will be on Saturday, May 2 (details to come)
  • The annual neighbourhood garage sale will be on Saturday, June 6 (details to come)