Update on Johnwoods and Fairwinds traffic concerns

On May 4, councillor Shad Qadri and members of the City of Ottawa planning staff held a public meeting to discuss upcoming changes to traffic flows at the west end of our community — namely, the closure of Johnwoods Street between Rosehill Avenue and Maple Grove Road.

Stittsville Central has a detailed recap of the chaotic meeting as well as the apology from the city regarding the communication surrounding the planning process but the upshot of it is that, pending a last minute change to the approved plan for the Fairwinds West subdivision, Johnwoods will be closed to traffic between Rosehill and Maple Grove sometime in 2017, once the road network inside Fairwinds West is complete.

This will mean an increase in traffic along Rosehill between Johnwoods and Huntmar, which is considered a collector road according to city staff. It may also lead to increased traffic in other parts of the community as well.

Councillor Qadri committed during the May 4 meeting to bringing a motion before the planning committee. From his most recent newsletter:

“At the public meeting I committed that I would look into taking the necessary steps to have the conversion reviewed which could involve bringing a motion to Planning Committee to have the plan of subdivision amended.  At the meeting I did state that the success of such a strategy is unlikely given the approval and appeal process.”

Given the impact on traffic in our neighbourhood, and in light of the city’s admitted failure to communicate clearly and deliver on commitments for public consultation prior to the approval of the plan, the Fairwinds Community Association will be contacting Councillor Qadri to have our concerns added to the public record in the hopes of moving his motion forward.

The FCA will be discussing our response during our May 16 meeting (details here). If you’ve got thoughts or concerns, please consider attending the meeting or sending an email to vicepresident@fairwindscommunity.com